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The marriage!

This is the moment I've waited for. I can hear my heart singing... soon bells will be ringing.

This is the moment of sweet aloha. I will love you longer than forever. Promise that you will leave me never.

Here and now dear, all my love, I vow dear. Promise me that you will leave me never. I will love you longer than forever.

U-a, si-la
Pa-a ia me o-e
Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e i-po
Ka-'u ia e le-i a-e ne-i la.

Now that we are one clouds won't hide the sun. Blue skies of Hawaii smile on this, our wedding day.
I do... love you with all my heart~ <3.

-Lili Bear-
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Deleted comment

lol, Awww... *pat pat*
that's adorable.

LOL...couldn't resist;)
lmao, What's that supposed to mean?!
I THOUGHT it was a pussy...and it made me think of our conversation about the pics...then somebody told me it was really a MARTINI...LOL.

I seriously have to get my mind out of the gutter...
lmao, I thought it was a martini. I was like "What? Is she encouraging the consumption of alcohol on my LJ?!" xD!!
...though the idea of a vagina did come to mind... I found it irrelevant to my post, thank you very much, so I just stared confusedly at my computer screen. lol xD!
how cute <33
^_____^!! Do I know you? o.O

-Lili Bear-
No., No you don't.=3
lol, What I don't? I'm not married to her? lol, Yeah right! I hellsa am! We got the certificate :p!