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...I wish Melo were up again...

...hmmm, just checked melo... supposedly Beta is up but I can't remember my password nor the email I used for it o.x!
Oh well, I'm a dumb shit... >.>... >..> don't know how to explain. I started ranting there and... somehow, it feels right and it feels like I can let out all my problems and things on my mind without worrying of hurting someone's feelings, being misunderstood and hated or whatever other possible things I could say to start shit without meaning to.
*Sigh* I don't know... I don't like the other journal sites... :-/... plus "melodramatic" suits me keke... ^^;;
Oh well... it's weird... today was going real and though my mom tried to get me down, it never worked for more than a minute and I was happy again. All of a sudden, the source of all my happiness just goes down the drain and I'm miserable like I always am. Piece of shit. I'm tired of this happening... why can't I just be normal and happy like everyone else. Preoccupy my myself in watching tv, gossiping or other dumb teenage hobbies. -_-;;
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