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It's time to think about myself.

Well, I IMed Jaime earlier to talk to him about whatever. Don't know. I was bored. And he IMed me later... he got critical of my choice in something and now we're talking about my self esteem problem. *sigh* What would I do without him? I'd be so lost, so fake... so unable to find myself.
No one understands our relationship... and no one likes Jaime. They don't see, he really just means well for me. He helps in a stricter way than most people but it's what I need. I need strict guidance to find my way.
Most people say he thinks he thinks too highly of himself like he thinks he is a genius, but thing is, he actually knows what he is talking about. Sure, he does act like a bastard, but he never lies and that's completely and utterly the real Jaime you're talking to. I don't know, it's nice just to talk to someone who is intelligent once in a while. And he is respectful to in one manner or another. I don't know. To me, he is pretty successful and as close to perfect as most people would ever get.
I'm so glad he and I are friends again.
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