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Merry Halloween!!

Merry Halloween to everyone! Welp, I stopped by Japantown to meet up with Vicki, Jimmy, Jared and Josh and waited outside of Kinokuniya Bookstore for 30 mins and decided to leave 'cause I think JPtown was closing. Meh, just went back home... the transportation tonight is fuckin' slow as shit. So yeah... I'm home... took a few pics on teh webcam and sent to Drakie. Iana's taking some pics right now. w00t! I'll probably go to bed soon. I'm really tired for some reason. I slept all day practically. It's weird but whatever. I need to work tomorrow and call Liana and see what time to meet up.
So yup, just eating some cheese and then mochi and chillin'. I got Volume VI of Hot Gimmick and Volume V of Mars. I was going to get Angel Sanctuary's III and IV but I couldn't find the III so I just bought Mars and Hot Gimmick. Meh... yup... so yeah... I'm gonna go now.
Have fun tonight everyone!
By the way, my entries are going to be Friends only now 'cause I just don't want everyone reading this. If you wanna read just tell me your LJ name and I'll add you but I just like to know who reads this and who doesn't. It's more so I know what I can't say and what I can ya know? Don't want any drama... >.>;; Hai! With that said.
Love you all~
-Lili Bear-
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