Crazy Aunt Paula (crazyauntpaula) wrote,
Crazy Aunt Paula

Inspiration at it's finest.

[7:55:18 PM] TwilightGardenXO: I must be the only person who's ever written their personal essay for a prestigious college naked.
[7:56:06 PM] teh magster: LOL
[7:56:12 PM] teh magster: inspiration at its finest
[7:56:15 PM] TwilightGardenXO: Hahahaha.
[7:56:21 PM] teh magster: i suggest you put that detail in your essay
[7:56:25 PM] TwilightGardenXO: lmfao

l i l i BEAR ;
Tags: aim, college, im, im convo, maggie, wellesley
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