Crazy Aunt Paula (crazyauntpaula) wrote,
Crazy Aunt Paula


Oh yeah.
Today was a sexy day.
Today was an amazing day.
Today was an orgasmic day.

My mom picked me up & we went to go pick up my Jessica McClintock dress pants from the tailor & then went to the Won-Ton House to pick up some roasted duck [lol @ me typing "fuck" accidently] porridge.
Then we took some rice porridge to go & bought half a duck & went home.

I ran into the house to get my passport & the little form thing so we could rush to the post office before it closes to pick up my new shoes.

While running up the steps to the door & flipping the keys in my hands to swiftly slide them in the lock & open the door quickly I saw a huge packet with "Clark University" written on it with another one behind it. Couldn't see what it was, but I opened the door to the house & found more mail!

I got my letters for Wellesley, Lewis & Clark, Smith & some other college mail where I had already gotten accepted.

I ran upstairs to my room, grabbed my passport & ran back down the stairs, and picked up the mail inside & the packets outside.
My mom had brought up the groceries we'd done as well so I quickly deposited them in the kitchen & then ran down to the car with my passport & the many college letters.

We sat in the car while I opened the letters.

First I checked Smith since I already knew I got on the waist list.
Then I checked Lewis & Clark.
Also made it on the wait list.

Checked Wellesley after that.
I stared at the enveloppe, then nervously shuffled to open it.
I got rejected. :/

Then I opened Clark U where I was pretty sure I got accepted.
& what do you know... I GOT ACCEPTED, BITCHES!!!


Then I saw the Sarah Lawrence enveloppe & knew I got in.
It plainly read "CONGRATULATIONS" in big red letters.

I was like "YESSS!!!!" & a smile popped onto my face.
I carefully opened it, and gleamed at my acceptance letter.

Tom even wrote me a sweet little note on it. :]
He was the guy who interviewed me where we just hit it off & he interviewed me for three hours instead of the typical 30 minutes you're restricted to.

We talked about The L Word 'cause it's our favorite TV show & he said I reminded him of Alice, haha.

He wrote:

Dear Lili -
I just wanted to add my
personal congratulations to this
letter. I do hope I see you at
Sarah Lawrence this fall (and
we can catch up on all this
season's latest intrigues!).
All the best -
Tom Marlitt

You have no idea how I love that man.

I am so stoked about going to Sarah Lawrence!
I haven't even received all my college acceptance letters but I already know where I'm going.

Sarah Lawrence College is one of the best colleges I applied to.

I am amazing.
The world is amazing.
My life is amazing.

Why is everything going so well right now?
Why am I even questioning it?

I'm just enjoying it.
I feel so happy.

I was so sad last week.
But then things changed for the better & I feel like I have it all right now.



I'm doing a little dance here.
You can't see it, but I am.

I'm so happy I could kiss myself!
Ahahahaha. ♥

Anyways, I have to go study for my insurance test & stuff.
But life is really good right now.
Things with Heather are going great & my moms said they'd pay for my Sarah Lawrence tuition so I can go! :D
The tuition is 50,000$ a year apparently, but we got a good deal.
Apparently it's ranked as the 45th best college in the United States. :]

Smith is 15th according to my mom, but I think Sarah Lawrence is better for me.
But I'm still not completely sure so I might send Smith a letter saying I'm interested to see what they offer me in terms of financial aid & whether they'll offer me a space when someone rejects their acceptance.

l i l i BEAR ;
Tags: clark university, college, lewis & clark, sarah lawrence university, smith, wellesley college
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this is be cool 8)


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I'd like to tell you about a change of address


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Are you a student?


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A law firm


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I'd like to withdraw $100, please


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Which team do you support?


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I love the theatre


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Sorry, I ran out of credit


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Very interesting tale
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