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Pictures for everyone!!

I know I said I'd go to bed but I decided not to... lol... I wanted to go use my cam to take some pics... >.>;;
Anyways, yeah, just a reminder, journal is friends only but I made an exception tonight lol.
Here's the shirt I got for Christmas from Patrick and Irène:

Me with the scarf I bought for prom last year but didn't end up wearing:

The purikura Liz and I took on Friday at JPTown:

Another picture:

And here's the last one:

Doo doo... so yeah, going to get changed and go to bed now. For sure!
-Lili Bear-
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Awesome scarf. Lol.

haha thanks. so you're mine huh? *points to avatar* kekeke :0p bad twinny. incest is a sin! *gasp* o_o!
Lol. XD! O.o; I'll have you know, I love that icon. Lol, I added the lines. v.V
well damn then... i feel special o.o; *blink blink*
Lol.. erm... o___0 kay then... o.o;;
umm who r u? lol