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A day of mourning...

I never imagined I could ever walk our school halls with silence like that... so empty... so many people missing, hidden in whatever secluded place they could find with close friends... because one person was missing. One person is missing and he'll never come back.
I had to say that... but yeah, I need to go to bed. It's almost 11 PM and I haven't gotten much sleep all week. I need to be able to function tomorrow so... time for bed. But you know, there are almost always positive things that come out of sad things such as this... I'm doing alright with it. He wasn't a close friend just to inform everyone but all the same, I'm still sad he chose suicide.
Alright well, good night everyone. Let's hope tomorrow is an ok day.
-Lili S.G.-

Oh and yeah... I have had this song playing all night since last night... never once stopped it... I wonder if it's been playing since the time he committed suicide o.o;... I wonder if he was still alive when I decided to play this song... >.>;; and yes... v.v;;... I left it on while I was at school too... >.>;;
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